• Automated Barrel and Rack Plating-Zinc (ASTM B-633) with Chromate Conversion Coating ( clear, yellow, black hexavalent)
  • Electroless Nickel (AMS 2404, MIL-C26074E)(Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, ASTM B-841)
  • Passivate (QQ-P-35c, ASTM A-967)
  • Zinc Nickel (ASTM B-841 & All Automotive)


From a family owned business which began in a garage in 1929, to its present location due to city redevelopment in 1968. Pape Electroplating Company occupies a modern facility in the New Britain Industrial Park.

For over a half-century Pape Electroplating has striven for quality and excellence in a highly competitive industry.

Early in its history Pape Electroplating was heavily involved in the aircraft industry. Among its customers were Connecticut icons United Aircraft’s Pratt & Whitney and Hamilton Standard divisions. Processes performed at that time included chrome, silver, nickel and cadmium.

Our current concentrations include electroless nickel, zinc, zinc nickel and passivation for the aircraft, automotive, electrical, hardware, computer and electronics fields.

Purchased by Roger A. Oetman and Marek Szychowski in 1985, Pape Plating is now on a new course to expand our operations and markets with state of the art technology and a renewed commitment to a high standard of excellence.


Pape Electroplating is located in an award winning industrial park in one of central Connecticut’s larger cities, with easy access to major highways.

Our modern 17,500 sq. ft. plant was specifically designed and constructed as an electroplating and metal finishing facility.

A competent engineering staff is available for pre-finishing manufacture consultation as well as epert design of fixtures, racks and other production equipment.

Our quality assurance department (ISO 9001: 2008), with an integrated inspection section, ensures close control on every aspect of production, guaranteeing the strictest quality control standards will be met on a consistent basis.

With twenty employees, our plant includes a chemical laboratory for our in-house process engineer. Our engineer does daily analysis of solutions and performs evaluations of customers’ parts to comply with specifications.

With fully qualified and approved state of the art waste water treatment technology in a separate 2000 sq. ft. building and complete laboratory facilities for testing and process control, Pape Plating is in compliance with all federal and state pollution control regulations.